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We Are What We Eat

The kitchen is our first line of defense against disease. According to the 4,000+ year-old Indian science of Ayurveda, our tissues are created from the digested foods that we eat…so, in essence, we are what we eat. Sound familiar? Following this line of thinking, if...

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Cleansing and the Mind

Recently I spoke of cleansing one’s body in order to get it functioning optimally.  This idea also relates to all of life according to Ayurveda, including the mind.  When our mind is cleared of clutter, truth is more apparent.  This is why meditation is so effective. ...

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The Magic of Plants

In the past, I’ve mentioned the need to be persistent and consistent with certain foods and herbs in order for them to have an affect on the human body.  Once accumulated these nutrients can have an anabolic reaction, leading to the growth of healthy tissues and...

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Influences on the Mind

This month’s topic will return to our five senses and their influences on the mind.  I’ll also talk about the importance of maintaining clarity of mind via the process of cleansing the sense organs that are affiliated with the five senses - sight, sound, smell, taste...

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In these stressful and confusing times, gaining clarity of the mind can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. Even though meditation is one sure-fire way to reduce the distractions of the mind, the act of doing it can seem impossible or stress inducing.  One reason...

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