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our vision


To make Ayurveda and natural health care available and affordable to everyone who desires it.

To cultivate abundance in all forms, be it love, health, wealth or knowledge.

To provide a path for creating the perfect state of health and happiness while maintaining a constant awareness of and respect for the environment.

Creating this state of perfect balance in ourselves and our client is an ideal we strive to achieve. Ayurveda defines heath as "One who is established in Self, has balanced doshas, balanced agni (fire), properly formed dhatus (tissues), proper elimination of malas (wastes), well functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul, and senses are full of bliss." This is an ever-evolving process that requires a daily commitment, and it begins by living in harmony with nature. One of our main goals here at Lakshmi's Garden is to develop an Ayurvedic lifestyle that supports the highest good for all life, not only humans but plant, animals and the ecosystem around us.

Nature is the source of all health and healing. It is our most valuable resource, and it is our responsibility to use these gifts of nature wisely. In order to reduce our footprint on the Earth, we follow a few simple practices including energy conservation, water-usage awareness, reusing, reducing, and recycling whenever possible, composting food wastes, and using renewable resources like solar-powered electricity and vegetable oil for fuel. We invite you to live as stewards of the Earth while you are here and to take some of the practices home with you. Our future and the legacy we leave for the next generations depends upon the choices we make each day as individuals.

To establish a balance between man and nature that can be used as a model to bring peace to the world.

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