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Kimberly Larson

“Love is our true essence. In the state of health and balance, this truth is clear.  However, imbalances in our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies create blockages to this natural flow of love, joy, and bliss. Massage, yoga, meditation, and ayurveda are tools to help us reclaim our health and rediscover our true state of being. I use compassionate touch in massage to assist clients in finding and releasing the blockages that limit their full potential. In this way, I connect with the source of universal, unconditional love and share it with each person I touch.”

After my first years of college, I began to look for a career in which I would feel like I was making a difference in the world each day. Like a bolt of lightning, it struck me—massage therapy. I attended Praxis College of Health Arts and Sciences in 1997 to train in massage and hydrotherapy. During the two year training I was first introduced to Thai massage, and I fell in love. After several years of practice in the massage field I was drawn to further my career with yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center. It was at Kripalu that I found my next great love in ayurvedic bodywork. It was no surprise when I realized that these two had common roots.

I completed the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in 2006, and ayurveda became the framework for my practice of yoga and bodywork. I worked at Kripalu for almost a decade before leaving to start Lakshmi's Garden with my partner Terrel. We traveled together to India and Thailand in 2007 to complete more advanced trainings and meet the mother lands of these two great healing arts. We returned again in 2011 for deeper studies and to receive the experiential training of a traditional Panchakarma. This deep healing experience strengthened my desire to spread the healing power of massage, yoga, and Ayurveda.



Terrel Broussard

"My belief system is based on a trust in a higher power. I believe that God, universal energy, spirit, or any name that one would care to give the Creator of all things, is the same energy that allows healing to happen in a human body. My objective as a bodyworker, is to allow myself to be as clear of a channel as possible, so that spirit can do the work.  In facilitating a session, it is my intention to step aside, and in doing so, I provide a conduit for my client, which allows for healing to take place. This combined with compassion, communication, and appropriate touch sets the stage for incredible experiences.”

My experience in the healing arts started with myself in 1992 when i started exploring healing my emotional state through nutritional cleansing. For over 10 years i was a nutritional consultant. During this time, in 1997, I was trained as a Kripalu yoga teacher, and currently have a professional yoga teaching certification. The next year I added massage therapy, followed by thai massage, and then a degree in herbal medicine to compliment my consulting. In 2001, a year after my initial Thai massage training with Jonas Westring, I traveled to Thailand to train with his teacher, Pichet Boonthamme.  After walking away with a rich experience and deeper confidence in myself and my potential as a Thai bodyworker, I began to integrate Thai massage into Whole Being Therapy, my creative expression of what healing arts can be. In 2005, I trained with Paul Cramer, a teacher from the Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage, and in 2006 I graduated from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. My practice also includes Ayurvedic massage and consultations. In 2007 I returned to Thailand for another experience with Pichet and I ventured to India for advanced Ayurvedic trainings. A return to both countries in 2011 included continued studies, including receiving a 5-week Panchakarma that provided me experiential lessons that no text can offer. I currently travel and teach with my partner Kim and daughter Nilani, and I look forward to offering the gifts of Thai massage and Ayurveda to all those interested in these amazing healing arts.




about Lakshmi


    Lakshmi is a symbol of the fertility, water, and agriculture of Mother Nature and is common to all ancient civilizations by different names. As the Mother Goddess she embodies grace and beauty and is associated with abundance, good fortune, and prosperity. She is the benevolent force that causes the seed to grow into a tree, the sperm to fertilize the egg, and the flower to fruit. She is truly the unending abundance of Nature that oversees the welfare of all creatures, and we can call on this energy to create more abundance in our lives.

    Lakshmi is often associated with material wealth, but she also provides emotional and spiritual wealth bestowing the wisdom to follow the path to eternal bliss, or enlightenment. She is depicted seated or standing on the lotus which is a symbol for our transformation on the spiritual level: the lotus grows up through the murky, stagnant waters toward the light and blossoms into perfection. We can cultivate this spirit of abundance in all the realms by acting like the consort to the goddess, Vishnu, who provides for all the universe. The Father provides, and the Mother nurtures. So if we provide and care for all the Life around us, then Lakshmi will bless us with abundance. Just like a garden.

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